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Besides the classic theme of adequate lighting of traffic areas and workplaces the issue of “light immissions” plays an increasing role in official licensing procedures. The neighborhood has to be protected against unacceptable light immissions, e.g. dazzling reflexes.

People are getting more sensitive in this concern and also legal requirements are increasing constantly.
However, if companies deal with the issue of “light immissions” in time, they do have great advantages in realizing their projects.
Have you already made the experience that the issue of “light immissions” has delayed or prevented the realisation of projects?

We recommend to deal with this topic already during the planning phase!
How we can support you:

  • Consultancy in the planning of lighting technology measures.
  • Preparation of the technical approval documents necessary for official approval procedures. Besides information on the impact of the project, they must generally include a description of the protective measures and verification that the limit values and guide values applicable are complied with.
  • Measurement controls, e.g. before and after the implementation of lighting technology.
  • Metrological controls e.g. before and after the implementation of lighting technology measures.

But of course we also support you in the restructuring case, if there are complaints or the public authority calls for a renovation.

Our experienced expert team of technicians and natural scientists will be happy to assist you in all these matters.