Local crowdfunding activities from the LEADER management perspective




Local crowdfunding activities from the LEADER management perspective – Implementation of the Austrian Pilot Action

To participate in the Pilot Action on bottom-up social initiatives involving Business Support Organisations (BSOs) operating at micro-regional level in the framework of CrowdStream project,  LEADER managers from Austria and several European partner regions (DE, EE, LX) met in Vienna . The meeting focused on the preparation of local crowdfunding activities from the perspective of the LEADER action groups which aim at the development of rural areas.

Local crowdfunding activities from the LEADER management perspective

European Leader Managers interested in crowdfunding

As it was identified in previous project activities, local target groups interested in crowdfunding have different needs when approaching BSOs . Some of them expect more advanced inputs and individual coaching, while others have basic questions. Therefore, BSOs operating at the local or micro-regional level like the LEADER management need to develop services and formats which can support mixed groups of event attendants or workshop participants. Among the tested instruments during the pilot action were training materials for basic and advanced participants prepared by the CrowdStream partnership as well as a support instrument for potential crowd-campaigners (“Quick-check of Crowdfunding Readiness”) that includes a fact-sheet explaining the most relevant facts about crowdfunding. Furthermore, LEADER participants discussed possible formats adapted to the local conditions which will provide an intensive dialogue and coaching approach for more advanced stakeholders for the preparation and launch of concrete crowdfunding campaigns.

CrowdStream activity is funded by the European Union (ERDF, IPA) within the Interreg project CrowdStream.
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