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The issue of air pollution control plays a central role in almost all official approval procedures.
The neighborhood of plants must be protected from unacceptable or even harmful effects by air pollutants and odors.
In this sensitivity in population as well as legal requirements are growing constantly.
However, companies that deal with air pollution issues in good time have great advantages in realizing their projects.
Have you already learned that issues of air pollution have delayed or prevented the realisation of projects?

Deal with this issue already during the planning phase of a project!
What we offer you:

  • Consultation on the planning of air pollution control measures and anti-smell measures.
  • Creation of the technical documents required for official approval procedures. These must generally contain information on the situation before the project is implemented, a comprehensible calculation of the impact of the planned project, a description of the intended air pollution prevention measures and / or anti-smell measures, as well as the proof that the limit values and guide values valid in the individual case are complied with.
  • Metrological controls e.g. before and after the implementation of air pollution control or anti-smell measures.

We also support you in case of remediation if there are already problems with the neighborhood, or the authority claims a renovation.

For all these measures ConPlusUltra offers you a long-standing team of technicians and natural scientists and cooperates with experienced companies specializing in environmental metrology.