VOLF and VOPST Inquiry

The legal requirements for protection of workers are constantly increasing. They are regulated, for example, in the “Ordinance on the Protection of Workers from Exposure to Noise and Vibration (Regulation Noise and Vibration – VOLV)” and in the “Ordinance on the Protection of Workers from Exposure to Optical Radiation – VOPST) “.
Companies that deal with this issue in time have great advantages in the realization of their projects.
Are you aware that issues of worker protection may delay or even prevent the implementation of projects?
This makes it all the more important to deal with this issue already during the project preparation phase.
Some of our competencies:

  • Consultation in the planning of noise, low-vibration workplaces and workplaces not exposed to optical radiation.
  • Assessment of the dangers arising from noise, vibrations and optical radiation at existing workstations, employing noise, vibration and optical measurements.
  • Creation of the VOLV and VOPST concepts and associated action programs.
  • We also provide support in case of remediation, if there are complaints or the authority calls for restoration measures.
  • The ConPlusUltra expert team of experienced technicians and natural scientists provides support in these and other matters.