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STRIDE – Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube Region

In recent years, smart grids have become a very high priority on the European Union’s agenda. Initially, the requirements in this area were very specific as concrete and realistic system solutions were needed. However, the extensive development of technologies has made it possible to overcome these initial obstacles.
Experts in this field agree that smart grids represent the future of the electrical energy system. Smart Grid concepts cover all areas, from the planning, operation and maintenance of the networks on the one hand, to the generation, transmission, distribution and end use on the other. In other words: Smart Grids have become a standard network development. There are no longer any special features, and new innovative technologies will gradually be used in all segments of the network. Even if this technology is already operational, the Danube region is still in the early stages of actually using intelligent distribution systems. However, regions and local communities throughout the Danube Region still lack the knowledge and capacity to integrate smart grid concepts into regional and local policies, which is necessary for the further development of Smart Villages, Smart Cities or Smart Regions.

The STRIDE project (7/20 till 12/22) aims to provide comprehensive support for regional/local decision makers to improve energy planning through knowledge transfer and the development of planning tools. In the framework of this project, regional analyses will be carried out. In addition to this, strategies, action plans and other tools (methodologies, guidelines, platform) will be created, which will facilitate and accelerate the integration of smart grid concepts into regional and local policies. In addition, the methodology for the regional analysis, a guide and a platform will be developed that can be used and applied throughout the Danube region, thus giving the project results a high replication value.

The main task of Con PlusUltra in the project is to analyse the Danube regional situation, to develop the Austrian Smart Grid strategy in cooperation with partners and support capacity building for triple-helix and a development platform.

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