Local development projects Inquiry

ConPlusUltra supports regional development agencies and project developers with a regional focus in the set-up and facilitation of cooperation processes that are needed for the preparation, planning and implementation of concrete projects – from the first project ideas up to successful project implementation.

Analysis of regional potential / feasibility studies

  • Analysis of potential utilisation scenarios of concrete development sites with thematic focus on business & innovation, energy & environment.
  • Development of project consortia, involvement of relevant stakeholders and facilitation of decision-making processes at local policy level.

Masterplan development
ConPlusUltra facilitates roadmapping processes for the development of holistic masterplans that transform various development areas and strategic topics into one agreed picture of local development.
Building bridges between relevant stakeholders and local initiatives, potential project developers and decision-makers and developing their network ties through adequate communication strategies, ConPlusUltra offers a set of integrated consultancy and support that create a solid foundation for the shaping of a joint vision for a community or microregion.

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