Energy monitoring Inquiry

When it comes to energy monitoring we are happy to provide services as follows:

  • Energy consumption surveys (annual, monthly and daily energy consumption curves) and energy flow diagrammes
  • Identification of consumption-related production indicators (product qualities and production quantities)
  • Survey of technical data of the existing production equipment and energy supply systems (types of equipment, maximum capacities and load factors, etc.)
  • Analysis of energy prices and tariff/cost structures
  • Benchmark comparison and sectoral analysis
  • Identification of energy efficiency potentials in production, in buildings and energy supply chains
  • Identification of potentials for the use of renewable energy sources to increase the autonomous energy supply (power, heat, cooling) of individual companies

Our interdisciplinary team includes highly qualified and experienced engineers, legal consultants and experts, all with a strong organisational consulting and economic background. This empowers us to provide the best strategic and technical support for your domestic and international implementation projects in the energy sector.

Energy monitoring systems are an important tool for decision-makers to analyse, monitor, visualize and influence energy consumption within an organization and as a result assess required measures for a continuous improvement of the energy performance. Energy monitoring also helps energy managers to identify potentials for improvement through available energy performance indicators and benchmark analyses and is an management tool for evaluation of the implementation success.

There are lots of tools and hardware/software systems available on the market, due to the variety of tasks to be associated within an energy management system.
We are constantly surveying the market of system suppliers and their product specifications and offer independent consultation for your project. We check the demand for hard- and software and can assist with getting concrete offers for the implementation of your individual energy monitoring system.

Monitoring concept as a starting point

To facilitate the system selection, we offer individual workshops to:

  • Analyze the existing measurement instrumentation and data recordings
  • Define the demand and objectives for a future monitoring system
  • Pre-select a number of energy monitoring systems solutions and access via test accounts
  • Define the specifications and criteria for the selection of an energy monitoring system
  • Define performance and tender specifications

Support during tendering process

Based on customer requirements we support in developing the tender specifications for hard and software.
The tender specs include

  • Functional specifications (data collection, analysis, reporting, optimization, user interface, etc.)
  • Requirements for the technical offer (system specifications, interfaces, topology, etc.) and for the
  • Commercial offer.

Project implementation support

We support you during the realisation of your innovative energy efficiency or renewable energy project with the following services:

  • Appropriation of implementation projects, developing (pre-)feasibility studies and conceptual planning
  • Variant definitions and investment programs
  • Detailed economic & financial project assessments and sensitivity analyses
  • Funding supportörderberatung : identification of suitable funding programs (for consulting and implementation), support during application and funding management
  • Specifications for procurement and design projects: we support you in developing tender and design specifications for your energy project and provide you with criteria catalogues and certification possibilities for green buildings (e.g. according to Austrian “klima:aktiv Standard”)

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