First Workshop “Greening Hurghada”



The first Workshop “Greening Hurghada” took place last week.

UNIDO, in association with the Ministry of Environment of Egypt, is currently developing of a full-scale multi focal area project to be financially supported with a grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and entitled ‘Greening Hurghada’.

The project’s objective is to reduce the environmental pressure of the tourism sector and related activities to mitigate GHG emissions, preserve biodiversity in the coastal area of Hurghada, and integrating biodiversity conservation into climate smart infrastructure investment development.

A first stakeholder workshop has taken place in Hurghada gathering approx. 25 representatives from ministries, government authorities, UNIDO, local council, tourism sector, and NGOs to discuss the basic needs and directions of the project.

Andreas Karner from ConPlusUltra is leading a team of international and national experts, including INTEGRAL and SENS that have been assigned by UNIDO to develop the project that is expected to be launched by autumn 2022.

Teilnehmer erster Workshop in Hurghada im Nov. 2021