STRIDE Mid Term Conference



On the 16th of September, the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) project held its STRIDE Mid Term Conference interregional workshop to exchange technical and legislative knowledge on smart grids, as well as officially launch the STRIDE Smart Energy Platform. Hosted by ConPlusUltra in Vienna, Austria, the STRIDE Mid Term Event and press conference was open to all interested parties involved in the energy sector or have influence in energy policy.

The STRIDE Mid Term Event served as an opportunity for invited target groups and associated strategic partners of the STRIDE project to join a Interreg Danube interregional workshop encouraging knowledge transfer of smart grid concepts. Moderated by the European Institute for Innovation – Technology (EIfI-Tech), participants of the workshop were provided with a comprehensive introduction to the training material currently being developed within the scope of the STRIDE project, which will be made available to members of the STRIDE Smart Energy Platform.

Topics of the introductory STRIDE trainings ranged from smart grid motivations to smart grid strategies and energy policies at the local, regional, national and EU-levels, and the open-source training material will continue to be developed and disseminated through the digital STRIDE platform. Stakeholders also heard engaging presentations and examples of good practices from: the Slovenian-Croatian SINCRO.grid colloaboration project, presented by ELES (Dr. Uroš Kerin); Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies (BEST), based in Austria; GAP Elektroistra (GAP – Grid Automation Planning), presented by the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar in Croatia; and Vienna’s Viertel Zwei project, presented by representatives of the Viertel Zwei project.

The STRIDE Mid Term Event concluded with the presentation of the STRIDE Smart Energy Platform, now live, as well as the premiere of the STRIDE project animated video. In addition to providing registered members with tools and resources for the improvement of energy planning, the STRIDE platform creates a network of experts, policymakers, and other relevant actors to boost the development of smart grids throughout the Danube Region. Registration to the platform is free.

ConPlusUltra as STRIDE project partner