STRIDE partner meeting in Zagreb



ConPlusUltra attended the 8th STRIDE partner meeting in Zagreb between the 11th and 12th of May 2022. The STRIDE project deals with  “Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube Region. During the event, ConPlusUltra’s energy expert, Cosmin Capra, held three presentations relating to the development of smart grid strategies and action plans, the Austrian documents and the trainings planned in the Vienna Region.

In his first presentation on 11/05/2022, Cosmin Capra presented the methodology applied for the development of the country-level smart grid strategies and the national action plans. The data collection methods and the methods of analysis employed were covered in his presentation as well as the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in addition to the main weaknesses of the methodology.
It is important to note that ConPlusUltra coordinated the development of three in-depth reports per project region, which were used as a basis for developing the national action plans and strategies. The first report provides information on the current regional energy context focusing on smart grids, current legislation in the field and support schemes. The second report covers the smart grid potentials of the different countries and the final report outlines different scenarios.

After the methodology was outlined, all partner countries presented their national strategies and action plans. This was also an opportunity for Cosmin Capra to present the action plan for Austria, which focuses on renewable energy communities as a means of feeding renewable energy into the grid. In particular, it looks at the development of complex photovoltaic systems and the integration of different components using microgrid solutions.

ConPlusUltra also shared its plans regarding the trainings to be conducted for the Vienna Region. 3 modules in total have been prepared lasting 45 minutes each. The topics covered include 1. Energy transition and renewable energy communities, 2. Financing for renewable energy communities and 3. Technical solutions and impact on the power grid. The trainings will be held in May and June 2022 for a previously defined target group.

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Cosmin Capra presents at STRIDE partner meeting 2Cosmin Capra presents at STRIDE partner meeting 1