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INTERREG initiative demonstrating the importance of Sector Coupling and Energy Storage

The new INTERREG initiative “CSSC Lab” demonstrates the importance of Sector Coupling and Energy Storage. CSSC Lab, launched in July 2020, will support the testing of Sector Coupling and Energy Storage approaches in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

CSSC Lab’s principal goal is to familiarise the municipalities of the small towns and medium-sized cities of the Danube region with innovative sector coupling solutions. An example of such a solution is the linking of a renewable energy based electricity generation system with the local heat and transport network. The foreseen increase in knowledge and skill-sets at municipal level will help improve local energy security and energy efficiency as well as contributing to meeting the EU’s climate target.

To this end, CSSC Lab will craft and test a comprehensive training programme for municipalities, which will showcase the application of typical sector coupling solutions. In addition to this, a tool kit will be developed, enabling the quick assessment of both the ecological and economic effects of a given investment in addition to the specific investment requirements. This should aid community leaders in taking optimal decisions related to the selection of sector coupling solutions.

The project consortium will set up demo centres in four partner regions in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria. Different technical equipment will be purchased and put into operation in order to illustrate its usage and also make it accessible to interested parties in the region. The activities of all demo centres will be linked to each other virtually via the online CSSC Lab platform. This makes it possible for the know-how gained in the course of the project to be accessed by stakeholders far beyond the project region.
In order to ensure the long-term usage of the project results, the project partners will also develop action plans for each of the project regions. Finally, strategic recommendations for the entire Danube region will be summarized in a roadmap, guiding the target municipalities in their future implementation of the sector coupling solutions.

Foto des Teams CSSC Lab ConPlusULtra Team

ConPlusULtra team working on project CSSC Lab.
From left sitting Vanessa Boas, Brigitte Hatvan; Josef Wolfbeißer, Cosmin Capra, Andreas Karner

The CSSC Lab project is funded by the EU as part of the Interreg programme for the Danube region. The partnership comprises 17 project partners and 12 associated strategic partners who represent a total of 11 countries in the Danube region including the Western Balkans.

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