Crowdfunding & Crowdinvesting for Energy Efficiency Projects



e-fix meeting Vienna 1On the 10th of July 2019 project partners and local stakeholders from Austria, Croatia and Czech Republic came together to discuss and learn from each other. Main topics were the meaning of crowdfunding for energy efficiency, the design of business cases and the benefits for involved parties.

After an introductory session facilitated by the E-FIX partner CONDA which addressed the specifics of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting, the existing models (reward, donation, equity, lending) as well as the relevance of this mechanism within the financing mix, project coordinator Andreas Karner from ConPlusUltra brought the energy aspect into discussion: “Crowdfunding can play an important role in the energy transition, leading to additional energy efficiency savings.”

The potential of crowdfunding or crowdinvesting as a source of financing for energy efficiency was illustrated through two concrete business cases in the public sector for community projects and in the private sector for businesses and industry. In both areas, projects with a crowdfunding component in their financing scheme brought enough energy cost savings,

e-fix meeting Vienna 2

so that the costs for the actual crowdfunding campaign could be covered. Based on these inputs, the E-FIX partners from Austria, Croatia and Czech Republic worked together with their stakeholders on potential energy efficiency cases, taking into account the community which they plan to address in order to build up a crowd, the financing model they want to follow, the support they need in the implementation phase, the platform where the campaign could be started as well as the methods for promoting the campaign.

After this E-FIX Bilateral Master Class, the project partners will further work on concretising their potential energy cases and transforming them into actual pilot financing campaigns. These crowdfunding campaigns are planned to start in autumn 2019.

The aim of the E-FIX project is to support the uptake of innovative financing mechanisms in order to facilitate the realisation of an increased number of energy efficiency projects in the focus countries in Central and South Eastern Europe as well as in the Caucasus region. More details can be found on the E-FIX website:

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The project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 785081.