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Final Conference of project CrowdStream in Varna

The final conference of project CrowdStream took place in Varna, Bulgaria on May 28, 2019. Main project objective was to improve the effectiveness of  public/private business-support for innovative spin-offs & social enterprises to access qualitative alternative financing (crowdfunding). During the conference partners presented project achievements and invited experts shared perspectives on questions such as strategy, quality and legal framework, capacity building and innovation framework related to crowdfunding.

As the leader of the action planning activities within the CrowdStream project, Brigitte Hatvan (ConPlusUltra) participated in an open panel discussion on strategy contributions by CrowdSteam. Associated partner Priority Area 10  took part in the discussion and gave strategic insights related to EU Strategy for the Danube region. The capacity building session was moderated by Brigitte Hatvan (Business+Innovation), where achievements in training and capacity building and pilot action packages were presented. In this session Horizon 2020 E-FIX gave an overview over approaches on alternative financing for energy projects. The conference was preceded by three training sessions organized by the Bulgarian project partner, where Mrs. Hatvan presented selected CrowdStream topics as a trainer.

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A leaflet summarising the project achievements is available for download in the Library of the project webpage:

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CrowdStream project is co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF, IPA)
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