§ 134 WRG Inquiry

According to § 82b of the Commercial Code, § 134 WRG, § 19a Railway Act and § 140 Gas Economy companies are obliged to review their plants and compliance with regulations. These checks must be reported to the competent authorities in the form of a test certificate. These tests – including the test according to § 134 WRG – must be carried out in addition to the internal test system, which is part of every compliance management system.
As part of the compliance review by the specialists of ConPlusUltra, a collection and review of all relevant notifications of the client company takes place.

If the review reveals the need to reconcile notices with the authority, this is also organized and carried out by ConPlusUltra.

As a result of the procedure, the ConPlusUltra test experts check with the client on site:

  • The approval status of all plant components
  • Compliance with all requirements
  • The legal obligations of the facility arising from laws and regulations
    Finally, the test results are summarized in a clear, easily readable test certificate, presented to the management and discussed the further procedure.

If required, the data collected during the audit can also be transferred to a software tool and used as the basis for operating a software-supported compliance management system.

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