Solvent balancing Inquiry

Various obligations as set out in the VOC-regulation have to be met. ConPlusUltra assists you with the identification and implementation of these obligations and with the creation of a report of solvents.

Our environmental experts provide support in the following project steps:

  • Clarification whether the VOC-regulation is applicable and which kind of plant ist involved
  • Recording of relevant plant data, work processes (organization) and the substance data
  • Creation of the balance of solvents according to the VOC-regulations based on the gathered data
  • If requested exhaust air measurements are carried out by our highly experienced partner-companies
  • If necessary, the elaboration of a reduction plan is carried out
  • Discussion of results with the authorities
  • Documentation of the balance of solvents according to the VOC-regulation

ConPlusUltra also provides support in case conditions change (eg plants, substances).

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