Decision filing system Inquiry

Number and complexity of business related official decisions and correspondence, transcripts of hearings, maps and compliance documents are increasing. Documents have to be found easily by staff, which is why a systematic organisation is essential. A functional filing system is pre-condition to ensure the company´s legal compliance. ConPlusUltra sets up a concept for a filing system including different legal matters, rules of keeping and withdrawal of files as well as the structure of the software-based filing system.

Based on this concept ConPlusUltra provides advice regarding questions of practical relevance and conducts an examplary filing in selected sectors of the customer business. As needed ConPlusUltra will also take over all work necessary for setting up the filing system.

ConPlusUltra also provides procedure instructions regarding the organisational structure and workflow management. – Hence the first step towards setting up a Compliance Management System is already taken.

Parallel to systematic filing the most important contents of the official decisions can be transferred to a software tool to serve as basis for a software-based Compliance Management System.

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