Photovoltaic systems - simulations + design Inquiry

For the economic operation of a photovoltaic system, the correct dimensioning is decisive. A PV system simulation makes it possible to assess several variants as well as their solar and economic returns before the plant is designed and installed.

The core of the simulation is the optimization of the self-consumption, i.e. designing the PV system according to load profiles and annual energy consumptions in a building or processes, whereby actual and past consumption and available load profiles are compared with the location-based return and an optimal system capacity is defined in terms of annual PV energy produced, performance ratio and own consumption.

If you have defined a plant size on the basis of the variant analysis, the following additional services from our experts could be interesting:

  • Development of technical specifications based on the PV simulation
  • Conditions for connection to the grid
  • Tendering and recommendation of potential providers
  • Funding opportunities including application support

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