Energy Audits Inquiry

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We conduct energy audits and assessments for large industries and SME in the framework of national energy efficiency legislation (e.g. in correspondence with existing EU Directives) and as per defined methodologies and requirements (e.g. EN 16247, ISO 50002).

Within an energy audit, the possibilities for reducing the energy consumption and cost are being assessed in detail, together with a representative status analysis of the individual energy consumption of a production facility, industrial site, buildings or transportation systems.

The following services are usually included:

  • Brief energy check to assess the energy status of a client
  • Assessment of all relevant production processes and energy uses in buildings
  • In-depth energy consumption surveys (annual, monthly and daily energy consumption curves) and energy flow diagrams
  • Identification of consumption-related production indicators (product qualities and production quantities)
  • Survey of technical data of the existing production equipment and energy supply systems (types of equipment, maximum capacities and load factors, etc.)
  • Analysis of energy prices and tariff/cost structures
  • Benchmark comparison and sectoral analysis
  • Identification of energy efficiency potentials in production, in buildings and energy supply chains
  • Identification of potentials for the use of renewable energy sources to increase the autonomous energy supply (power, heat, cooling) of individual companies

Our experts do provide extensive experience in conducting energy audits in a variety of industries and sectors, and are registered in the database of the Austrian energy service providers.

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