SEVESO facilities Inquiry

According to the Industrial Accident Regulation it is mandatory to provide a safetyconcept/safety report for so called “SEVESO plants”. For threshold II businesses additionally a safety management system must be implemented.

Our safety experts provide support as follows:

  • Clarification whether the Industrial Accident Regulation is applicable and whether a threshold I or II business is concerned
  • Hazard source determination requires detailed knowledge with regards to the operating mode of the considered plant as well as the operational sequences. To gain this knowledge, we use a proven checklist procedure.
  • Spreading considerations and accident scenarios: Based on the results of the hazard source assessment, the effects of serious accidents are estimated.
  • Discussion of the scenarios with the relevant authorities
  • Advice regarding the internal emergency plan and information to the public
  • Documentation of all findings and measures in a safety report

ConPlusUltra also offers continuous support for the adaptations necessary in case of changes in the operating conditions (eg plants, substances).

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