Waste management concepts Inquiry

According to the Austrian Waste Management Act, certain companies have to provide a waste management concept. This is to implement a waste management system or to improve the existing one and to maintain a continuous improvement process.

Economical consumption of resources and reduction of waste have a cost-reducing effect in any case.
On one hand savings in material-costs occur, on the other hand one saves costs of waste disposal.

Our refuse experts assist you with the following project steps:

  • Assessment of current state / gap analysis
  • Preparation of waste prevention and recycling measures
  • Determination of waste classification, waste separation and waste collection
  • Definition of the container labeling
  • Identification and verification of all relevant legal obligations, in particular of the necessary documents (accompanying documents, delivery notes, etc.)
  • Tender for waste disposal services, respectively identification of new disposal options
  • Negotiations and proposal for the commissioning of authorized waste collectors with the clear objective of minimizing disposal costs
  • Trainings about the waste management system, its implementation and importance

The documentation of the waste management concept and an action plan is carried out in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Waste Management Act 2002.
If required we provide software tools to facilitate the waste management system. In order to maintain the waste management system, we provide ongoing support through our refuse experts (external waste management officer).

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