Time machine

We moved  to Linzer Straße 55 in St. Pölten and to Leebgasse 5 in Vienna.

Change of company name from “KWI Consultants GmbH” to “ConPlusUltra GmbH” under the motto “Making know-how work.”

Management Buy Out of the “KWI Consultants GmbH” by the new partners Brigitte Hatvan, Andreas Karner, Heinrich Preiss and Josef Wolfbeißer.

The joint venture “L³” with focus on the expertise fields of noise, air emissions and light pollution is founded in St. Pölten in cooperation with the engineering company “Zieritz & Partner ZT GmbH”.

Foundation of the “KWI Management Consultants & Auditors GmbH”, later on named “KWI Consultants GmbH”, with offices in Vienna and Brussels.

Friedrich Kapusta and Dr. Josef Wildburger start up their business as founders of the KWI group of companies in St. Pölten guided by the vision that “Knowledge becomes Reality”.