IPPC Status Inquiry

According to § 81c of the Austrian Commercial Code 1994 as amended, the existing IPPC systems must comply with the requirements of § 77a. In accordance with § 81b, the owner of an IPPC system must, within a period of 10 years, check whether its operating system complies with the state of the art. If it does not, the necessary and economically proportionate adjustment measures have to be taken without delay.

Our environmental and legal experts support you with the following project steps:

  • Identification of relevant sources depicting the state of the art (BAT, legislation, regulations, decisions, standards, etc,.)
  • A proposal is drawn up which parts of the system are to be classified as an IPPC system.
  • Check whether the specifications regarding the state of the art are met
  • If necessary discussion of the results with the authorities involved
  • All activities, procedures and results as well as suggestions of measures are documented in an expert report.

In terms of continuous support we will be happy to assist you with the necessary adaptions in case of changes of conditions (eg plants, substances).

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