The environmental management act (§ 22 UMG) provides companies, which have carried out an initial environmental assessment,the opportunity to summarize all federal permits of a plant in a single decision.
The consolidated decision is a single, well-structured document providing rapid information on the situation of the entire plant. At the same time, the consolidation procedure eliminates any inconsistencies in the approvals, removes obsolete permissions.
After carrying out a feasibility analysis, a risk assessment including a time and effort planning follow. The following question is to be answered: Is it useful to carry out the consolidation immediately, or do other activities be necessary first?
If you decide to carry out the project, the consolidation documents are created together with you (text part and plan part).
In the actual consolidation process, ConPlusUltra advises and represents the applicant. After submission of the submission documents, the hearing is taking place. The deficiencies identified in the hearing must then be processed. As a last step, the consolidation decision is issued as a sustainable loose-leaf collection.

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