Due Diligence Inquiry

Impacts due to unfulfilled legal obligations represent an increasing liability risk for the buyer or seller of facilities. In order to be able to hedge against this very high monetary risk, a due diligence in advance of the transaction is very important. In addition, a due diligence reduces the liability risk for the future management and provides a further basis for negotiating the corporate transaction.

On the basis of checklists, developed over years,the following is assessed as part of an on-site inspection:

  • compliance with plant, environmental, health and safety obligations
  • compliance with the relevant contractual obligations
  • the plants´ effects on the environment and
  • the organizational integration of corporate environmental protection

The checklists are evaluated and summarized in a final report, which records the degree of compliance with the relevant due diligence and potential environmental risks at the time of the inventory and assesses them in qualitative and monetary terms.

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