Energy concepts for communities and regions Inquiry

Energy concepts for communities and regions means, ConPlusUltra supports cities, communities and regions in the development and implementation of energy concepts:

Process Support

  • Management and facilitation stakeholder involvement activitites
  • Development of visions and strategies
  • Key player and stakeholder coordination
  • Communication and public relation activities
  • Overall planning and project management

Technical Support

  • Elaboration of energy and greenhouse gas balances
  • Detailed assessment and analysis of potentials for energy saving and use of renewable energy at local and regional levels
  • Feasibility studies and step-by-step guidance to implementation
  • Development of customised implementation concepts and action plans

ConPlusUltra’s consultants base their expertise on a track record of more than 10 years of experience in assisting clients from the public sector, combining technical and economical know-how to support the implementation of local and regional strategic processes.

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