Thermographic measurement Inquiry

Thermographic measurements
Our high-resolution thermo-camera identifies hot spots, thermal bridges, humidity and other energetic weak points in buildings and industrial facilities.

Industry: Checking of motors and production processes
Insufficient cooling, bearing damages, isolation problems of motor windings, frictions as a result of wear and tear, or leckages in the pressurised system: there are many factors influencing the temperature of components and facilities, and can be easily identified and visualised with a thermos-camera.

Thermography of buildings
Heat radiation of buildings or building components are being spotted during site visits and visualised with the camera, and can be in detail analysed back in the home office. Construction weaknesses can be identified and improvement suggested.

Heating pipes
Losses caused by line damages of district heating pipes can be localised and can undergo a targeted treatment and rehabilitation. In this sense an effective early-detection of damages can be ensured. The use of thermography is therefore also very relevant during or shortly after the installation of new pipes (construction supervision).

Checking of electric systems
Screwed and clamped connections can loosen during the time, and therefore result in higher resistances and therefore higher energy losses.
Thermography visualises such weaknesses at an early stage – before real damages might occur. As a result the fail-safety is increased and their loss potential reduced.

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