Law filing system Inquiry

Companies have to comply with numerous obligations deriving from laws, regulations, directives and technical norms (environmental and energy issues, work protection, operating plants, product liability etc.). The prerequisite for ensuring compliance with the law is that the persons responsible in the company are aware of these legal obligations. In setting up and maintaining a compliance system, it is therefore necessary to systematically filter out and derive the relevant obligations from the laws and regulations applicable to the respective company.

Supported by long-established checklists the relevant information is gathered in interviews with the persons in charge. The interviews are held by Compliance experts and thus do have auditory character.
After the interviews are analysed, the relevant sources of law (EU regulations, federal and state law) and the according obligations of the company are defined and recorded in a register of law sources and statutary duties.

The results are documented and communicated in a final presentation.
Important documentation criteria are as follows:

  • Reasons for relevance of law / regulation
  • Documentation of company duties to be easily comprehensible
  • Status and implementation of obligation fulfillment
  • Shortcomings and suggestions for improvement

Data gained can be implemented in a software tool to serve as a basis for a softwarebased Compliance Management System.

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