EIA Procedures Inquiry

Due to a large number of regulations from the most varied legal areas of environmental, plant and labor protection law, approval and amendment procedures according to the EIA Law are very complex. Corresponding legal know-how and know-how in dealing with authorities is usually not available in-house.

First we clarify the fundamental procedural framework as well as the coarse plant regulations. To familiarize the authorities with the project at a very early stage, we present the project to the authorities.

Pursuant to Section 6 of the EIA Law 2000, the contents for the environmental impact assessment (UVE) are prepared in consultation with the applicant, planners, authorities and other stakeholders.

Expert opinions are either produced by the experts of ConPlusUltra or ConPlusUltra coordinates their preparation.

To simplify the process, detailed discussions are held with the relevant official experts. This allows early consideration of additional regulatory requirements and their project impacts.

The submission documents are compiled, the application is formulated and the documents are submitted to the authorities. Representation in the course of the proceedings and /or assistance on site as well as the control of the legal decision conclude the project.

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