Workshops -Trainings - Audits Inquiry

Some issues might not be easily solved via telephone, email or database. Therefore workshops and trainings are essential to maintain a sustainable and working Compliance Management System.
Further reasons, why workshops do make sense:

  • Individual tasks according to current or future organisational / technical changes are drawn up (What exactly has to be done? Which rights and options do exist?).
  • Presence of all relevant personnel of the client ensures, that each and every obligation of the company is identified.
  • Participants are instructed and trained in the fields of law regarding environment, energy, plants and industrial safety. They also get support in realizing their tasks.
  • Motivation of the system-affiliated persons for the continuous improvement and consolidation of the compliance management process.
  • Discussion of different solutions regarding new obligations and mutual exchange of experience.
  • Supervision by an interdisciplinary team of legal experts and technicians.
  • Processing of special topics at customer request.

Whether duties are properly implemented in the sense of the legal requirements is not a simple question and sometimes difficult to assess. The additional external viewpoint (Audit) of our legal experts and technicians allows for

  • Compliance assessment,
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of process workflows and
  • identification of improvement potential.

By means of Compliance Audits also the essential requirement for certified management systems based on e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 50001 or ISO 45001 is met.

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