Procedures regarding plants Inquiry

The primary objective is to implement the best possible legal procedure (GewO, AWG, nature protection, IPPC, …) and to quickly get the official decision. Therefore a structured and clear project, as well as a professional management of contact with authorities is essential.

In advance to the applications we clarify the fundamental procedural framework as well as the coarse regulations related to plants. In order to familiarize the authorities with the project at a very early stage, the project is presented.

Depending on requirements, we create the project documents, or assist you in quality assurance as process supervisors. Coordination between the applicant, planners, authorities and other stakeholders is a fundamental necessity.

Additional expert opinions requested by the authorities are either produced by the experts of ConPlusUltra or ConPlusUltra coordinates their preparation.

In order to simplify the process, detailed discussions are held with the relevant official experts. This allows early consideration of additional regulatory requirements and their project impacts.

Subsequently, the submission documents are compiled, the application is formulated and the documents are submitted to the authorities. Representation in the course of the proceedings respectively assistance on site and the control of the legal decision on adequacy and correctness conclude the project.

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