Action Planning Workshop in Linz



ConPlusUltra holds Action Planning workshop in Linz

On March 23rd 2022, all the partner regions of the DanubePeerChains project took part in a two-hour workshop organised by ConPlusUltra. The aim of the workshop was for partners to present the actions they have foreseen in their regional action plans and to receive feedback from other partner regions.
In total, there were three rounds, with three countries being in three different groups in every round. This allowed for substantial diversity in feedback and in viewpoints. At the end of the workshop, the partners shared their lessons learnt.

The workshop showed that the partners have a lot to learn from each other and can also replicate the measures of other partners in their own regions. This is because many of the challenges in the Danube Region are similar in terms of digitalisation and upskilling.
A full peer review will take place in May 2022 where partners will present their entire draft action plans. Each country will take part in two sessions and will largely be matched with new partners to those it spoke to in the workshop in Linz.
The final action plans will be made available on the DanubePeerChains webpage and also shared during the project’s final conference in Bucharest at the end of 2022. Read more about the project


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