Smart grid initiatives in the City of Vienna



Within the framework of the STRIDE project ConPlusUltra analyses smart grid initiatives in the City of Vienna.

Vienna is particularly interesting as a model region for a number of reasons. Not only is Vienna the federal capital of Austria and has about 2 million inhabitants, but the city is also of particular importance from the point of view of energy consumption.
Vienna has a gross energy consumption of 39.678 GWh and a recent share of renewable energy of 20 %, based on gross energy consumption. The main energy sources in Vienna are 6 big power plants which use combined heat and power to provide heat and electricity to the grids. The 5 biggest power plants are powered by gas but there are also some smaller power plants using municipal waste or biomass.

Electricity use per capita20,200 kWh/cap
Gross Energy consumption in Vienna per year39.678 GWh/year
Primary energy consumption per capita in Vienna25,316 kWh
Share of renewable energy in Vienna20 percent


installed capacity for the renewable generation of electrical energy 2005-2008

Quelle: Energiedatenbank MA 20

The Seestadt Aspern, Viertel Zwei and Microgrid Campus in Vienna were selected as good practise examples. These three projects are intended to make a contribution to the energy transition in the City of Vienna and thus help to make the future of the city more sustainable and energy-efficient.
So it remains exciting to see what conclusions ConPlusUltra will come up to as a result of these assessments.

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