2nd E-FIX meeting in Georgia



22 experts from 14 organisations came together to discuss innovative financing of energy efficiency projects to be implemented in the partner countries of Central and South Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region. The event was hosted at the Caucasus University in Tbilisi, Georgia.The aim of the E-FIX project is to support the uptake of innovative financing mechanisms in order to facilitate the realisation of an increased number of energy efficiency projects in the focus countries.


Accordingly, the experts discussed the status of energy project financing and fundraising activities for energy efficiency projects in their countries, identifying commonalities and potentials to support the development of innovative financing mechanisms in the energy sector. Moreover, the partners are committed to make the transition from the theoretical discussion to the practical implementation. Pilot actions in each partner country will test the applicability of E-FIX financing mechanisms in real life and prepare the way for a roll-out on a larger scale. Financing mechanisms investigated reach from leasing of energy efficient products over energy performance contracting to crowdinvesting.

ConPlusUltra acts as project coordinator and key expert regarding the financing and implementation of energy projects focusing in its activities foremost on preparing the ground in Austria. For the Austrian case the CPU experts together with their Austrian partners CONDA AG and the University of Business and Economics Vienna are discussing the implementation of a pilot financing camping focusing on Crowdinvesting for energy efficiency projects. The pilot will be the first step to a larger roll-out sustainably activating investment in the energy efficiency sector.

More information can be found on the E-FIX website http://energyfinancing.eu/en/


The project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 785081.