CrowdStream-Workshop on Crowdfunding



Representatives of different micro-regions find together in the Austrian Weinviertel for a workshop on “Crowdfunding for small and medium-sized enterprises and public entities” on January 17, 2018.  The meeting was part of the CrowdStream activities for defining regional crowdfunding strategies and action plans.

TeilnehmerInnen Workshop CrowdStream Crowdfunding

TeilnehmerInnen Workshop CrowdStream Crowdfunding

Invited participants were Managers of Climate and Energy Model Regions as well as LEADER-Managers from the area. Discussed topics were first established financing models based on citizen participation but also alternative financing models, especially crowdfunding. The crowdfunding platform Crowd4Energy gave insight by presenting concrete examples. Each participant could share its own experience in its region, and the group developed creative approaches how to overcome obstacles. At the end some regions explicitly formulated their interest in the further involvement in pilot activities within the CrowdStream project.

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